Niglevel Displays His Signature New Old School Vibe In Latest Track “My Music Storm”


Brooklyn, NY-native rapper-songwriter Victor Hill, Aka Niglevel has recently dropped his latest creation, the track “My Music Storm.” This flawless production sees its creator share his experience of love at first sight while trying to get the attention of the girl he loves. 

Growing-up, Victor Hill lived in the hood and was surrounded with music as all his family was into music. He officially launched his career in 2018 with the release of his debut single, “Nothing To Lose.” However, he started music much earlier, writing songs in his twenties, with the purpose of finding his truth in life. 

Music has always been his biggest passion, almost a healing tool for him, helping him overcome the many struggles he was faced with. His unique ability to transform pain into beauty and art is simply inspiring.  He does it all through his own special form of rap in which he mixes his signature style, the new old school vibe with up to date sound and a twist of pure creation. To date, Niglevel has released 6 tracks and his latest, “My Music Storm,” is set to spark mass appeal among aficionados of the genre and beyond, to all music fans out there. 

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