Ninja Deletes Discord After IShowSpeed Accidentally Leaks Link to Private Server


Ninja continued by calling out IShowSpeed for his lack of awareness in leaking the private information.

“There is no way, dude!” he said. “Speed did fucking not! I have had this Discord as a sanctuary for years, and Speed leakes it in the first fucking day within an hour! It’s gone, Mitch. It’s gone, bro. It’s gone, bro. It’s gone!”

After catching wind of Ninja’s frustration, IShowSpeed claimed he didn’t leak the Twitch streamer’s Discord, before admitting that the mistake was not done on purpose.

“He thinks I did it on purpose,” IShowSpeed explained. “Bro, why would I leak his Discord? Bro, I didn’t even leak it. He unfriended me? What? Bro, I didn’t even leak. Wait, he’s actually sad? Bro, when did I leak his Discord? What?”