OBleak ;The future of hip-hop relies on its past.


The meaning of the word hip-hop has taken on multiple contexts in the last 30 years, but to some, that term has always meant tradition. To oBleak this is a way of life.

Combining boom bap and horror culture with a barrage of speaker-piercing beats, dusty samples, and intricate poetry, this sound will flip your view of the genre.

With inspirations such as Big L, Sean Price, Blacastan, Necro, or Large Professor, his ear for hip hop brings the sound back to a time when raw breakbeats and flipped obscure samples were the bread and butter of the culture.

“I just want to educate younger generations on a sound that I see fading. We are not just artists, lyricists, or musicians; we hold the torch of tradition. It is our responsibility to pass this sound on to future generations in its purest form. Hip hop is a way of life.” -OBleak

releasing two new singles, “Lawrence Talbot” and “Soothsayer,” which are available worldwide in support of his upcoming debut full-length album, “Deadly Night Shade,” available worldwide May 5th.

All in all, this fresh yet vintage sound is guaranteed to give you that stank face and make you bang your head. If you are a fan of classic hip-hop, do not sleep on OBleak.





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