“Partyin’ Was Fun” Artist Kaekingkally


London-native Hip Hop artist, Kaekingkally, has made quite an impression with his debut single “Partyin’ Was Fun.” We’ve had the pleasure to chat with the up-and-comer and talk about the message behind the track and what he plans to achieve in 2023.

What’s your background and what led you to become an artist?

I grew up in the London Borough of Newham, which is based in The East of London and being frustrated is what led me to my path.

Would you like to collaborate with other artists? If yes, please share a few names with us. 

Not sure.

How did “Partyin’ Was Fun,” your debut release, come to life? What’s the main message that you tried to convey through it?

To share and tell my story.

In your opinion, what is the number one quality an artist must possess in today’s music industry? 

Be different.

Would you consider yourself a recording artist, a performer or both?


Besides music, how do you enjoy spending your time?

It’s hard, but I try to be happy by listening to music, rapping over beats, practicing my sound, and writing down lyrics to get the anger out.

What’s next for Kaekingkally in 2023?

Hopefully, more music!

Listen to “Partyin’ Was Fun” here: