Pop Smoke’s Best Friend Addresses Speculation Surrounding His Death


Pop Smoke’s friend is speaking out in the wake of his death.

Mike Dee was with the rapper just hours before he was shot and killed during a home invasion robbery on Wednesday morning in L.A. Now Dee, who grew up with Pop, is mourning the tragedy and sharing his pain. He penned a heartfelt tribute to his best friend, while also addressing the speculation about what happened.

“Cant nothing express the pain im feeling ….I just lost my fucking brother, my heart my dawgz💙you guys have no type of sense or sympathy!” said Mike. “Yall dont kno whats going on yall come on here playing investigator and bashing me on the internet, I would never in my life set my brother up.”

Mike’s comments are a response to the backlash from social media, accusing him of setting up Pop Smoke. Dee was pictured holding stacks of cash in the driveway of the home where Pop was shot, just hours before the incident. His Instagram photo also displayed the house number in the background, but not the street name.

Mike reflected on his friendship with Pop, posting photos of them as young kids in Brooklyn. “We ate together, broke bread together this really my mother child I dont gotta explain nothing to nobody that dont kno me but for the ones who know me know when you saw me you saw pop,” he continued. “We live in such a fucked up society yall gotta wake up💡 just kno I got you forever brother the truth will come to light until then sleep in peace.”

The “Welcome to the Party” hitmaker was at his rented home in the Hollywood Hills around 4:30 a.m. when at least four men wearing hoodies and masks broke into the house and fired multiple shots, striking and critically wounding Pop Smoke. The suspects are still at large.

TMZ reports that surveillance video shows the men making their way into the house just 10 minutes after people inside the house deadbolted the front doors. The house alarm was not turned on, which made it easier for the intruders to get inside.

Pop Smoke revealed the address of his home on Instagram earlier in the day while showing off a special delivery from fashion brand Amiri. However, the motive is still unclear and it’s unknown if the suspects found the address from social media.

Following the tragic news, Pop’s peers including Nicki Minaj, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, YG, and Meek Mill posted tributes to him. He was 20 years old.