Raveena Announces Album, Shares Video for New Song “Lucky”: Watch


Earlier this month, Raveena released “Pluto,” her first new song since 2022’s Asha’s Awakening. Today, she’s shared another new track, “Lucky,” and announced that she will release the new album Where the Butterflies Go in the Rain on June 14 via Empire. Find the new single’s music video below; scroll down for the new album’s cover.

Isha Dipika Walia directed Raveena’s “Lucky” video. The designer had previously worked with Raveena on the cover for Asha’s Awakening and the February 2020 Moonstone EP.

Discussing her new album and its title, Raveena said in a press statement, “Butterflies are so delicate that they have to hide in leaves and flowers until the rain passes so that their wings don’t get crushed in the rain.” She continued, “I felt like that was kind of a metaphor for where I was in my life. I needed to go back to comfort—to deep rest—and stop weathering storms.”

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