Rick Ross Explains Why OG MCs Share The Same Top 3 GOAT Rappers 


Rick Ross shared his thoughts on why many OG rappers have the same three rappers as the top MCs of all time. 

During his recent livestream with Adin Ross, the MMG Honcho revealed he has Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur and Jay-Z as his top three all-time. According to Rozay, many of his peers have the trio among their Hip-Hop GOATS because of their wealth and success outside the music industry.  

“When you hear OGs like myself and other n##### say those names so commonly, it’s because they had the biggest effect,” Rick Ross explained. “These the n##### that we watched get rich. Jay, Puff…that was really that first generation that we watched get rich.” 

He continued, “Because we seen artists that were hugely successful but were they extremely wealthy? We not sure.” 

Expressing his love for the group, Rozay referenced Hip-Hop pioneers Run-DMC as an example of “extremely successful” artists who didn’t amass the riches of some of the rappers who came after them.  

“It wasn’t just music,” Rick Ross added after mentioning his Top 3 GOATS ventures outside rapping. “They was doing a lot of different s###.” 

The Biggest Bawse put his hefty pockets on display in more ways than one during the interview. After claiming he broke Adin Ross’s chair because of all the cash he carries around, Rick Ross offered to put up a staggering sum for a celebrity boxing match.  

He shared his interest in financing a potential bout after Adin Ross told him he wanted to fight fellow streamer iShowSpeed.  

“If I wanted to put up $5 million would you do that—you versus him [iShowSpeed],” Rozay asked. “I believe this is a great situation, this is a great business venture, am I wrong?”