Rising Hip Hop Sensation Johnson McFly Shares His Story


Johnson McFly is an independent music artist from the small town of Huntingdon, Tennessee. Throughout his childhood, McFly had the opportunity to hone in on his musical abilities and fully embodied the life of a music artist. When listening to his music, supporters are introduced to a variety of sounds as they move from one track to the next. His catalog permeates the air similar to an aroma of which brings back memories. Hip Hop with a southern and soulful twist is a perfect way to describe McFly’s music.

A fan favorite is the single titled, “Westside” featuring Traveling Troy. Since its release, McFly’s fans have been yearning for more content. While they wait patiently, McFly has been making appearances at events and interviews to shine light on his craft. Additionally, McFly owns two unique brands; Good Villains and Undefeated Losers. This entrepreneur understands the importance of developing a number of avenues to walk through.

image_6483441-500x500 Rising Hip Hop Sensation Johnson McFly Shares His Story

image_6487327-6-500x494 Rising Hip Hop Sensation Johnson McFly Shares His Story

As music lovers, we have all witnessed our favorite celebs utilize music as a stepping stone to gain financial freedom. From music, they branch out into fashion, real estate, health & beauty, to name a few. McFly has developed his own blueprint throughout the years and is implementing his well-thought-out plans with his boutique clothing lines.

McFly is a perfect illustration of what it takes to succeed in the entertainment business. He doesn’t solely rely on his music capabilities to propel him to greatness. Due to his current business ventures combined with his music journey, he is certainly someone you want to follow! Click below to get better acquainted with Johnson McFly!


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