Royce 5’9” Unveils Music Video Created in the Web3 World


Royce 5’9” is breaking new ground in the music industry by utilizing the latest in Web3 technologies to connect with fans and build his brand. The rapper has released a music video for “SIGNS,” the first song from his new EP, The Heaven Experience: Lost Sessions, which showcases his new virtual world of the same name.

The video was created using the Web3 platform Passage, allowing fans to enter the Heaven Experience and explore Royce’s new virtual world. The immersive experience offers a glimpse into the rapper’s creative process and allows fans to connect with him in a whole new way.

Royce’s new EP, which drops on March 31, features previously unreleased tracks that were recorded during the making of his 2020 album, The Allegory. The Heaven Experience: Lost Sessions promises to deliver Royce’s signature lyrical prowess and socially conscious messages that fans have come to expect.

The rapper is excited about the potential of Web3 technologies to revolutionize the music industry and bring fans closer to their favorite artists. “I’m excited to be at the forefront of this new era of music and technology,” Royce says. “With Web3, we can create new ways for fans to engage with artists and build communities around their music.”

The Heaven Experience is just the beginning for Royce, who plans to continue exploring the possibilities of Web3 technologies and virtual worlds. The rapper sees this as an opportunity to bring his music to a whole new audience and forge deeper connections with his fans.

As the music industry continues to evolve, artists like Royce 5’9” are leading the way in embracing new technologies and finding new ways to connect with fans. With The Heaven Experience: Lost Sessions and his new virtual world, Royce is setting a new standard for the intersection of music and technology.