Seth Rogen Says ‘Oppenheimer’ is an ‘Ideal’ Movie to Enjoy With Edibles


Noted fan of marijuana Seth Rogen has described Christopher Nolan’s three-hour biopic Oppenheimer as an “ideal” movie to enjoy edibles with.

In an interview with Vanity Fair about his cannabis company Houseplant, Rogen was asked about his thoughts on edibles and made a suggestion as to when they might be most appropriate over smoking weed. “I fuck with edibles a little bit,” he shared. “But I would do it sparingly, I would say, and generally only if I’m in a situation where it seems like I have to go a long amount of time without smoking. Like, Oppenheimer seems like an ideal edible scenario, if you ask me.”

Oppenheimer, which has continued to perform well at the box office alongside Barbie, is Nolan’s longest film yet at exactly three hours long. It would be tough to pick a moment to go for a smoke break, but the delayed high of an edible does sound like a banger of an idea. Whether one wants to be high during a biopic about the creation of the atomic bomb and the cold war tension it led to is perhaps a personal preference, though. As Rogen pointed out, you never know how an edible might impact you.

“I was talking to Snoop Dogg about edibles once,” he explained. “He also does not eat a lot of edibles, and I asked him why, and he said, ‘Seth, edibles got no off switch.’ And I thought, great point. … You know, you smoke a joint, and you have some sense of how long it’ll last. You eat a brownie, and you’re either not high at all or as high as anyone’s ever been, for 48 hours straight.”

Unfortunately, Rogen did not share his thoughts about how Barbie might pair with edibles, but we can use our imagination.

With or without the assistance of marijuana, Oppenheimer has continued to make bank at the box office. It’s remained in second place since it debuted alongside Barbie and has brought in a total of $400 million worldwide so far. It’s on track to become Nolan’s biggest non-superhero film yet and has already bested the divisive Tenet at the box office. His only two movies not about Batman to gross more are Dunkirk and Inception, which grossed $527 million and $836 million, respectively.