Sexyy Red Claims She Wasn’t Behind Sex Tape Leak


Sexyy Red refused to accept any blame for her sex tape getting posted on Instagram Stories. The raunchy rapper denied uploading the video for promo and tried to explain how it appeared on her social media in an interview with The Breakfast Club.

“That was the wackest video,” she said. “I was tired. I was fat, pregnant, didn’t even feel like doing s### on there. And then that’s the one that f###### gets leaked.”

She continued, “It was in the moment and then set the phone down, but I ain’t the one that did it. It was him who set the phone down, threw it and then it had accidentally pressed.”

The mishap did not convince Sexyy Red to delete NSFW videos on her phone. She showed no concern for more leaks and boasted about the material in her vault.

“Nobody broke into my phone,” she said. “I already know what happened. I could really be a star if I post the real stuff.”

Charlamagne Tha God pressed Sexyy Red on the exact way her sex tape ended up on Instagram. She elaborated, insisting it was not done on purpose.

“It was on Instagram, like a little short clip video,” she said. “Just making it on Instagram and saved it to the phone, then threw the phone, but the video still was on my screen. And then threw the phone and it got accidentally pressed like that. Who gon’ do that on purpose? I was like, ‘What?’ And this was the wackest video. Y’all really don’t want me to post the real ones now. I turn up.”

She added, “It wasn’t me. It was an accident, but it was still like, ‘You dumb.’ Pay attention, be smarter. You moving too loose.”

Sexyy Red’s sex tape appeared on her Instagram Stories in October. The incident happened a few months after she dropped her Hood Hottest Princess project.