Sexyy Red Responds To Backlash After Urging Teacher To Play “Pound Town” To 5-Year-Olds 


Sexyy Red has backtracked after facing backlash over her response to a teacher’s criticism that five-year-olds are listening to her songs “Pound Town” and “Skee Yee”. 

A ballet teacher recently went viral after sharing a video on TikTok calling out parents for allowing their children to listen to Sexyy Red. In the video, the 22-year-old dance tutor says her pupils have no respect for authority and are unruly in class.  

She claimed that teaching ballet to five-year-olds has been “the most traumatic experience of my life.” Alongside the kids not following directions, the teacher called out “heart wrenching” and “horrifying” aspects of her job.  

“Your five-year-old daughters are asking to listen to ‘Pound Town’ and ‘Skee Yee,’” she said, referring to two of Sexyy Red’s biggest hits.  


HELPPP!!!! Im calling out to all parents educators teachers MOMS DADS WHOEVER please take time to work with your children stop listening to adult music around them spend time with them we need CHANGE #fyp #fypp #eduation #parents #parenting #school #help #trending #makeachange

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The video spread widely online, with many sympathizing with the teacher’s complaints. However, Sexyy Red disagreed with the teacher. “Gurl play poundtown skeeyee & s###,” she wrote, sharing the teacher’s video on her Instagram Stories Sunday (November 20). 

Instagram/Sexyy Red

Nonetheless, her post garnered even more online backlash. 

“oh that’s lowkey hella weird of her.. are we seeing her down fall now?” one fan wrote on X. “no sexyy they are five we not telling them cooch pink behind brown!” added another.  

Despite her initial response, Sexyy Red, who is pregnant with her second child, soon had a change of heart.  It appears fans can expect some age-appropriate songs for the kids, according to the rising Hip-Hop star.

“Ima make some kidz bop songs for yall fr,” she wrote on X just a few hours later.