Sexyy Red’s First Boyfriend Stole Her Heart With Fake Gucci Belt And $13: “He Stole For Me” 


Sexyy Red brands herself the “HOOD HOTTEST PRINCESS,” and with that title comes some hilarious hood tales from her life before fame. 

Her latest revelation began with her recalling the most romantic thing a man has ever done for her and ended with a robbery. 

The St. Louis-bred rapper opened up about her ex-boyfriend’s apparently sweet gesture during an interview with Montreality. 

“It was my first boyfriend,” Sexyy Red explained of the romantic thief. “I was just in high school. He was a little older than me, and it was Valentine’s Day. I’ll never forget.  

However, rather than the typical flowers and chocolates, or perhaps even a teddy bear, her man gifted her the loot from a heist.  

“He robbed somebody and gave me the money and gave me the belt he stole,” she revealed.  

Despite the origin of his romantic gesture, Sexyy Red was touched by her boo breaking the law for her.  

“And it was just so sweet,” she added. “‘Cause he was out of breath and stuff. He was like, ‘Here, I just got this for you.’ I was like, ‘Awe, so sweet. Thank you.’ Because nobody ever did nothing like that for me. He stole for me. So, I was like, ‘Oh, you did that for me? Really?’” 

The story got wilder as Red continued: “And I know he didn’t have it. So, the fact that you still made a way and you did what you had to do, that was nice. And it was only $13. But it was nice. And it was a fake Gucci belt…It was sweet.” 

Sexyy Red Says “Pound Town” Could Be “Anywhere”

Elsewhere during the interview, Sexyy Red opened up about her viral hit “Pound Town.”  

“It could be your house, your car, it could be right here right now,” she explained. “Wherever you want it to be at. It could be in that bathroom back there.” 

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