Snoop Dogg And 50 Cent Reveal They Give Back To Hip-Hop OGs: “That’s Who We Are” 


Snoop Dogg opened up about him and 50 Cent giving back to Hip-Hop OGs who are down on their luck. 

During the latest of All The Smoke podcast, the Death Row Records boss discussed pioneering rappers being cast aside in today’s musical climate. 

“There’s many times where me and 50 Cent together have called some of our OGs and put bags on it,” Snoop Dogg told hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. “That’s what it gotta be. But that’s who we are, that’s who me and 50 is. I can’t speak for everybody else.” 

He continued, “I don’t have to say the person or the people but he feel like I feel. If it’s an OG that need it, that’s down, that don’t know how to ask for it…” 

Snoop joked that he dislikes Fiddy “beating me to the donation pile.” He added, “We gone’ have to donate together.” 

50 Cent co-signed Snoop Dogg’s remarks, sharing a podcast clip on Instagram. 

“All facts @snoopdogg is the real deal no [cap],” he wrote in the caption.  

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Snoop Dogg explained that while he and 50 Cent “set an example,” and give back behind the scenes, public recognition is also necessary.  

“That’s what it’s supposed to be. Because now the young generation respect your elders because you making all this money. Not that you have to but if you love this rapper and respect this rapper you see he’s down on his luck, he may need some money, but he has pride. He can’t even ask you cuz he used to be you. But you have enough man in you to say, ‘Unc, I’ma throw you something.’”