Picture of Allcapskiel Speed Demon

Speed Demon: Allcapskiel’s Blazing Breakout Album Featuring “Credit Crash” & “No Mercy”


Trinidad and Tobago-born rapper, Allcapskiel, aka, Caps, unveils his highly anticipated debut album, Speed Demon. The record features recently introduced bangers “Credit Crash” and “No Mercy,” along with their music videos expertly directed and shot by the talented Beenmawbin. The hip hop artist, producer, and musician, who embarked on his musical journey at a young age and later made his way to the United States, divides his time between Brooklyn and Chester. 

Speed Demon features 15 tracks including “Which Is It,” “Nun To Prove,” “Hit The Wall,” “Its Love,” “Pick Up,” “Covered That,” and “Lol.” Exploring timeless subjects such as love, substance-abuse, existence, and friendships, the album invites listeners to ponder their own decisions. Each song delves into the fleeting essence of emotions, providing moments of profound change. Allcapskiel‘s personal journey serves as the foundation, shaping this reflective project that mirrors his own experiences.

Among the notable tracks, “Credit Crash” stands out as a fearless exploration of Allcapskiel’s desires and aspirations. The lyrics convey a feeling of solitude, highlighting the absence of a supportive circle. The rapper addresses subjects like dealing with haters and the repercussions of one’s choices. With a gritty and self-assured delivery, Caps displays his unwavering will to push boundaries and chase after his dreams. This bold and dynamic release encapsulates the hunger and ambition of an emerging artist.

In contrast, “No Mercy” emerges as a high-octane single, illustrating Allcapskiel’s quest for supremacy. The lyrics, such as “Grind like me, I’m diligent” and “Money tall where it begins,” exemplify his strong work ethic and confront his rivals by comparing them to ordinary people, highlighting his superior position. Asserting his dominance, the artist proclaims himself a king and dismisses those who attempt to hinder his progress. The song exudes an unrelenting tone of confidence, leaving no room for leniency or mercy.

Allcapskiel excels in production, rapping, and singing, pushing the boundaries of creativity. His unique approach combines melodies, sampling, and genre experimentation, consistently delivering unexpected surprises to his audience. The stage name “Caps” reflects his belief in conquering obstacles and unlocking individual potential. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical icons including Drake, Biggie Smalls, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, Tyga, and Schoolboy Q, he creates a sound that sets him apart from the rest.

With Speed Demon, Allcapskiel uncovers the complexities of relationships and personal struggles, offering a profound understanding of human existence. This exceptional hip hop talent continues to make  bold moves, presenting a distinct style and fearlessly experimenting with sound and genre, ultimately leaving a lasting impression.

Listen to Speed Demon below: