Sukihana Snaps On Critics Of Her Behavior In London: “Your Head Is Shaped Like A Hemorrhoid”


Love & Hip Hop: Miami cast member Sukihana continues to make headlines. Her trip to London, England has social media users taking aim at her once again.


Sukihana posted a video of herself walking in the United Kingdom. In the clip, she says, “I’m trying to get my coochie stretched and eat a n#### ass. We be eating a n####’s ass today in London.”

One Twitter account reacted by tweeting, “Do y’all understand why we were confused? I understand that no woman deserves to be sexually assaulted. She literally markets herself as nothing more than A COOCHIE.”

Sukihana fired back, “Your head is shaped like a hemorrhoid.” When another person commented about being embarrassed as a Black woman, Suki responded, “You scratching yo coochie in ya profile pic I’m embarrassed for you.”

Some of the complaints directed at Suki focus on how she behaves around Caucasians. One of her defenders tweeted, “As a Londoner, this was hilarious because one thing about white Brits? They know how to make everybody else uncomfortable so it’s time for a taste of their own medicine.”

Sukihana quote-tweeted that post and added, “Yes, they made me feel like that soon as it was my turn to take a photo and that’s why I gave them something to talk about.”

It has been a controversial year for the woman who describes herself as “Suki With The Good Coochie.” The Wolf P#### mixtape creator became part of a viral story when YK Osiris faced backlash for forcibly kissing her at an event.

Sukihana then dealt with her own negative reactions online over her lyrics about Jeffrey Dahmer on NLE Choppa’s “S### Me Out” remix. Additionally, content from Suki’s OnlyFans page leaked to Twitter. That created a firestorm because the Delaware-born entertainer urinated on camera.

“It was 100 percent p###. I love p###. I love to pee on myself,” Suki stated during an interview with The Armon Wiggins Show. “The thing is, I’m a disgusting person… People been knew that about me. I don’t give a f###.”