Summer Walker Wants 6 Kids Before Turning 30, Shuts Down Rumors She’s Pregnant For Lil Meech  


Summer Walker has given herself two years to produce three more babies, and while she’s not pregnant, she plans to start trying right after she completes her tour. 

“Hoping and praying I have twin boys again after tour,” she told her followers during a recent Instagram Live. “That would really make my life.” 

Comparing herself to mom of 11, Keke Wyatt, Summer Walker also revealed she wants to add three more sons to her brood of three before turning 30 in 2026. “I’m not having no more kids after thirty,” she explained. “I got two years to get it crackin’.” 

Elsewhere during the IG Live, Summer Walker said she found it “crazy” that people comment on her having kids with multiple men and suggest she got pregnant by mistake. 

“People just talk about me having kids like they were accidents, “she said. “They were never accidents; they were all on purpose. Any time I get pregnant it’s on purpose. I have enough money to not have a baby if I didn’t want it.” 

The “White Tee” hitmaker also addressed pregnancy rumors amid recent speculation she’s having Lil Meech’s child. Whispers began after a video of the BMF actor surfaced online recently.  

“I got one on the way right now,” Meech said in the clip. “My girl pregnant. Say congratulations.” 

While Summer Walker denied she was the “girl’ in question, the rumors persisted. 

“I’m not pregnant,” she said on her IG Live before showing off her flat stomach. “I feel kinda offended ‘cause I been in the gym and everything.” Check out the livestream at the end of the page.

Summer Walker already has a set of  twin boys with ex-boyfriend Larry Williams. She also shares a daughter with ex London On Da Track.