T.I. Receives Fashion Icon Award At Atlanta Fashion Week 


T.I. has been recognized for his unique style during Atlanta Fashion Week. 

The Grammy-Award-winning rapper was honored in his hometown over the weekend, receiving the Fashion Icon award. Presenting the award ATLFW’s Angela Watts celebrated T.I. for his contributions to the region’s creative arts.  

“It does not go unnoticed,” Watts said. She recognized the ATL rapper for “the business that you have created,” adding. “You drive the economy in this city.”  

Watts branded T.I. “A true visionary of style, creativity and entrepreneurship,” as she handed him the trophy.    

Tip then gave a short acceptance speech, noting his surprise at receiving the award. “I really do appreciate it,” he shared. “I’m humbled and flattered by the acknowledgement and the consideration. Everybody knows fashion is merely an extension of your personality. It’s really an extension of the energy of how you feel that day, at that occasion, in that moment.” 

Check out the clip below.    

Last month, T.I. gave back to college students at the newly reopened Morris Brown College. For the second consecutive year, he collaborated with Moolah Wireless to distribute tablets and complimentary WiFi access for 200 students. He visited the campus to deliver the devices to Pell Grant recipients and take photos.