Texas Trapper Wacotron drops the “Hold Up” Video and Interview with HipHopSince1987

913eed_31be05ac13cb4eb1a4686b0286775729_mv2 Texas Trapper Wacotron drops the "Hold Up" Video and Interview with HipHopSince1987

Mixing witty punchlines with perarls of street wisdom, Texas rapper Wacotron always speaks the truth. Coming through a down-and-dirty video for a bass-heavy banger, Wacotron shares the video for Hold Up.” Riding a menacing instrumental that evokes a trapified version of the theme from Jaws, the Steezefield of 808 Mafia-produced “Hold Up” is an unapologetically raw anthem. Wacotron rocks a locked-in 2-step flow as he warns possible steppers about the grave consequences of their actions: Who dat is hating, tell that n***** fall in line/Big facts I’m the truth but you gon’ listen to them lies/Lost my partner to these streets ’cause they ain’t wanna see him shine/And when my daughter at the park, the only time I let it slide .” In the video, directed by Donthypeme, Wacotron posts up in South Waco with his loyal crew, turning heads in his Dodgers jersey and clean white sneakers as he lords over his neighborhood like a king. “Hold Up” is the latest in a line of high quality videos from  Smokin Texas, Wacotron’s debut project, immediately following the turnt-up video for the Marshmello-produced  Hole In A Cup.

Though Wacotron is a newcomer in the rap game, he’s a veteran in the streets, and the 12 songs on Smokin’ Texas reflect the hard-earned wisdom of a self-made man. Packed with harrowing stories and sly turns-of-phrase, Smokin Texas benefits from the steady hand of 808 Mafia chieftain Southside, who delivers booming production with the assistance of associates like CuBeatzToppPyrexSteezefield, and more. The mixtape also features multiple productions from superstar DJ Marshmello. The new mixtape is home to recent single Umbrella,” produced by Marshmello and featuring a snarling guest verse from G Herbo (1 million views since its April 9th release), as well as standout video singles like “Gram And A Hoodie,” “Take Off,“ “Toothpaste,” and Wacotron’s debut release Cut Me Up,” which has over 1 million views on YouTube. Featuring additional production from Johan Lenox and others, Smokin Texas is available everywhere via Pick Six Records/808 Mafia.

A native of Waco, TX–hence his name–Wacotron showed a passion for music from a young age, absorbing the 808-driven trap music he listened to in the car with his dad. After spending years mired in the struggle, Wacotron turned to rap in his 20’s, searching for a better way to provide for his family and escape his circumstances. The rapper started to build a reputation in his home state, eventually catching the attention of Pick Six Records, who signed him to a deal and connected him with Southside and 808 Mafia.

With his debut project Smokin Texas, Wacotron proves that he’s an artist to watch in the bustling Texas rap scene, putting Waco on the map with his sharply lyrical writing. Stay tuned for much more from the young rapper in the near future.