The Hold Steady Announce New Children’s Book Stay Positive


The Hold Steady are releasing a children’s book: Stay Positive: A Children’s Picture Book is out October 1 via Akashic Books. See the book’s cover below.

Stay Positive features illustrations by David “El Dee” Espinosa. The 32-page book is based on the lyrics to the title song of the Hold Steady’s 2008 album, Stay Positive. According to a press release, the children’s book “follows the path of a humble armadillo who discovers along the way how music can pull together a disparate cast of characters.”

“‘Stay Positive’ has a line that says, ‘The kids at the shows will have kids of their own,’ and it’s true: Each year, more Hold Steady fans become parents or grandparents,” Craig Finn said in a statement. “So, I’m thrilled that we’re offering the children’s book version of ‘Stay Positive,’ which brings THS joy to the whole family.”

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The Hold Steady: Stay Positive: A Children’s Picture Book