Toosii and Future Collaborate for the "Favorite Song (Toxic Version)" Remix


Hip-hop artists Toosii and Future have joined forces to remix Toosii’s hit single, creating a new version titled “Favorite Song (Toxic Version)”. This collaboration brings together two dynamic voices in the hip-hop genre, resulting in a powerful remix that demonstrates their collective creative prowess. With Future’s seasoned skills and Toosii’s fresh talent, the track is set to make a significant impact.

The original version of “Favorite Song” was a standout track from Toosii’s well-received album, “Thank You for Believing”. The album was a showcase of Toosii’s lyrical dexterity and ability to craft catchy hooks. By adding Future’s distinct style to the remix, the track gains a new dimension, further enhancing its appeal.

While the release dates for new projects from Toosii or Future haven’t been announced yet, “Favorite Song (Toxic Version)” has certainly piqued the interest of fans. The combination of Toosii’s emotive lyricism and Future’s signature flow makes for an engaging listening experience, adding a unique twist to an already beloved song.

“Favorite Song (Toxic Version)” is a testament to the creative potential that lies within hip-hop collaborations. The combination of Toosii and Future’s distinctive styles results in a remix that stands on its own while enhancing the original track. This collaboration not only provides fans with a fresh take on a favourite song but also showcases the artistic versatility of both Toosii and Future.