Tupac’s Dad Thinks Keefe D’s Arrest Is A Sham


Tupac Shakur’s biological father Billy Garland reacted to the arrest of Keefe D in an interview with the Art of Dialogue. Garland said Keefe D’s arrest brought no closure to the Tupac murder case.

“It’s very clear he’s just a tool,” Garland said of Keefe D. “He’s always been a tool. And [it’s] just time that they used him for what they wanted to use him. Because you couldn’t say it was the government, [the] justice department, the LAPD, the Las Vegas Police Department and several other entities.”

Tupac’s dad believed Keefe D was a patsy used to muddle the real story behind the 1996 murder. Garland claimed Keefe D and others tried to neatly pin the murder on the late Orlando Anderson, who was suspected of being the shooter. Whatever the truth may be, Garland still had no sympathy for Keefe D.

“I’m just as empty by the loss of my son as the rest of the world is,” Garland said. “Everybody can see through this thin veil of deceit. It was ridiculous. They didn’t believe it when he was on YouTube and Vlad [TV] every week talking that stupid—he’s just not an intelligent individual. And the people they use to fabricate their story, their belief, are not usually intelligent.”

He continued, “I don’t feel bad that, in fact, he got arrested. But I don’t think it’s closure. I think it’s still open to debate. But I don’t think we’ll ever find out who really did the shooting. But we know it wasn’t no one individual … He might’ve been involved in it, Keefe D, but he was a pawn. He was being used. Maybe by the government, maybe by Death Row. But Death Row and the government is one in the same at this particular time.”

Las Vegas police arrested Keefe D, whose real name is Duane Davis, for his alleged role in Tupac’s death in September. Davis pleaded not guilty to murder in November.