Ty Breezzyy drops anthem called “True”

unnamed-22 Ty Breezzyy drops anthem called “True”

With his ability to blend the signature sound of Pop with Rap, we believe that Ty can reach huge masses of both sides of each genre. With a Drake/ Chris Brown inspired style Ty makes “True” his own songs by uniquely bringing his own flavor to the sound.
He says, “I ain’t ashamed to say I need something different” with beautifully stacked vocals to emphasize these iconic lyrics.

Ty Breezzyy wants his audience to get this message from the song “Are you LIVING TOGETHER with someone or DIEING TOGETHER with someone? Remove yourself from what’s toxic EVOLVE to be more selfish & less selfless ONLY you are responsible for your own happiness!” Which are direct words from Ty himself, furthermore explaining the overall message of the track. 

You can stream the single for yourself on all platforms now!