Tyrese Asks Ex-Wife Samantha Lee to Change Her Last Name After She Took Issue With His Joe Budden Interview


The latest chapter in the drama between Tyrese Gibson and ex-wife Samantha Lee unfolded on Sunday, as the divorced couple traded shots on social media over the former’s recent appearance on The Joe Budden Podcast.

Earlier this week, Tyrese sat down for an interview with Budden and shared details about the fallout of his relationship with Lee. After tying the knot in 2017, the pair announced their divorce in December 2020.

After catching wind of Tyrese’s conversation with Budden, Lee took to Instagram to take issue with her ex-husband airing out the couple’s dirty laundry.

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me,” Lee captioned the video. “You can learn a lot about people by how they respond/react to certain boundaries you set. The funny thing is, some people KNOW how they were doing you (probably worse than you even found out about in the moment) and yet you become the horrible person, the villain, in their story because you decided to set a boundary.”