U.K Rapper Lady Leshurr Found Not Guilty of Assault But Says Allegations Ruined Her Career 


Lady Leshurr has been cleared of assaulting her ex-girlfriend but says the court case ruined her career and left her with no income for the past year.  

On Wednesday (November 1), a jury found the U.K. rapper not guilty of two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, per BBC. Her former girlfriend Sidnee Hussein accused Lady Leshurr of biting her hand so badly that she suffered “nerve damage.” 

However, the rapper, who broke into the industry with her “Queen’s Speech” freestyle series, told the court Hussein’s then-partner Chante Boyea attacked her first. She claimed Boyea used her dog as a “weapon” during the incident in East London last October.  

After the verdict, Lady Leshurr claimed she “was the victim,” but has had to pay for it with her career. 

She thanked her supporters in an Instagram video update shared Wednesday following the not-guilty judgment.  

“For the past year I’ve been battling a court case from people that accused me of stalking, harassing, and biting them but I was the victim,” she penned in the caption. “I was attacked and bitten by a dog and made out to be the aggressor.” 

Lady Leshurr said she lost brand deals and was shunned by her peers over the allegations.  

“For a whole year I have had no income. Today has been judgement day,” she said, adding, “I’m shaking whilst I write this.” 

Ultimately, the 35-year-old said her career was ruined regardless of the outcome. Nonetheless, Leshurr resolved to “FINALLY get on with my life.” Check out her post below.  

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