Unreleased LL Cool J x Eminem Song, ‘Murdergram’ Surfaces Online


In what seems to be an epidemic of leaks in the music industry this year, yet another track has made its way to the public ear.

The victims of the leak this time are LL Cool J and Eminem. Now that ‘Murdergram’ is out in the way it is, fans doubt they will ever see its official release, even though the new LL Cool J album is slated to drop this fall.

Fans are concerned and understandably so; especially considering how Eminem has been rather vocal about music leaks and piracy and the ways in which it directly hurts him on Bad Meets Evil songs like ‘Take From Me.

Naturally, the 3-minute + song leaking with two of the biggest hip-hop artists of this generation doesn’t sit well with the artists. Fans on X even persuaded each other to not listen to the leak, saying it won’t hit as hard as it would with the official album release (aside from the ethical arguments, of course), although now there is no certainty if we will even get this track as part of the LP.

For context, the track is speculated to be a part of LL Cool J’s upcoming album THE FORCE, his first full length release after 11 years of wait. Just a couple of days ago, LL spoke to NME and proclaimed how he is ready and willing to do “the Blackest s**t in the world” with this project. He also spoke to them about how Kendrick moved through the Big 3 feud impressively, and appreciated the back and forth as a crucial part of hip-hop, deeming it good for the culture — but that’s besides the point.

What matters is that it is interesting how on June 11, a user on X reportedly already uploaded a snippet of the now leaked track, teasing the full leak. Mind you, not only is this an LL Cool J song with an Eminem feature, it is also probably executive produced by Q-Tip, if it is indeed part of the album. The user further claimed that the track was recorded as far back as 2022.

With these legendary acts caught in such a predicament, the only question that remains is: are you going to listen or wait?