Vince Staples Returns with “Rose Street” Single From ‘Ramona Park Broke My Heart’


Vince Staples presented the latest track and video for “Rose Street,” from his upcoming album Ramona Park Broke My Heart. The new album is set to be released on April 8th.

Earlier this month, Staples released the video for “Magic.” The video, directed by Prettybird’s KENTEN, comprises a succession of one-take images with camera movement that depict Vince’s day from a surrealist perspective, allowing the audience to perceive everything around him as if they were an observer.

“Magic,” produced by Mustard, is a celebration of how Staples overcame the inner city blues and a system that was supposed to keep him enmeshed in the adversity he grew up in.

“I think it’ll put the listener in a good state of mind,” Staples says. “The mood of it defines the project.” 

Ramona Park Broke My Heart is Staples’ follow-up to his critically praised self-titled album from 2021, which introduced fans to his homeland (the Ramona Park neighborhood of Long Beach, CA) as well as intimate friends and family.