Wack 100 Claims That Master P Is “Broke”, Says He “Doesn’t Have 20% Of Nick Cannons Money”


Wack 100 is known for his intense interviews, and unpopular, and sometimes baseless opinions. However, this might be his most outrageous one yet. The LA-based music manager took to Clubhouse where he said that hip hop legend and No Limit Records founder, Master P, is “broke” and doesn’t have “20% of Nick Cannons money.”

Despite Master P’s multiple brand partnership and entrepreneurial endeavors, Wack 100 claims that Master P was never able to financially recover after the feds took his masters.

“First of all, he don’t own his masters, they took them eighteen years ago,” Wack said. Wack began to get some push back as soon as he made the remarks. However, Wack stood ten toes down and continued to slander Master P.

“You think this n***a be selling noodles?” he asked. “The feds took his catalog, bro. Nick Cannon got real money, for real. Real, real money. I’m like, ‘How is [Master P] talking to this n***a about what he doing and you ain’t nowhere in place, my n***a. You can’t even stand with this man on a bad day. Who is you, bro, to be telling this n***a about his business decisions and your business decisions ain’t been right for damn near twenty years?!”

Wack went on to continue the conversation about Master P, still bringing Nick Cannon into the mix. He said that Master P doesn’t have 20% of Nick Cannon’s money and said that the No Limit honcho was never like Birdman. “P ain’t never been Baby. P has never in his life had the kind of money Baby had.”

You can hear the full conversation below.