[WATCH] Boosie Badazz Performs ‘Set It Off’ in Front of Officers Who Pull Him Over


Boosie Badazz has become an easy target for police. After being pulled over and cuffed last month, Boosie was stopped by officers again. This time, Boosie performed for the boys in blue.

In the video posted online, Boosie rapped “Set It Off” and “Fuck the Police,” the latter of the two created with Webbie.

“You wanna talk shit, you wanna run ya mouth,” Boosie spits to the officers, one of which who just looked on. “You want some gangsta’s front your motherfucking house, we’ll set this bitch off.”

Boosie would also flash a stack of bills, letting the officers know that it was pocked money. XXL would reveal Boosie was pulled over for allegedly going 73 in a 55. The officers also stated an item was tossed from the car, but was unable to be recovered. The car reportedly smelled like marijuana but no charges were filed.