Will Smith Trolls Fans With ‘Official Statement’ Amid Jada’s Revelations and Report Claiming His Kids Feel Bad for Him


The situation surrounding Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith‘s marriage and family life has entered a new chapter after the actor and his children, Jaden and Willow, have responded to all the drama.

On Tuesday, Will took to his Instagram with a video that trolled everyone waiting to hear what he’s had to say about his wife Jada’s explosive revelations about their marriage. In the video captioned “OFFICIAL STATEMENT,” the 55-year-old is sitting in a chair and lets his viewers know his opinion on all the drama. 

As he begins to talk, Will gets an itch on his nose and lets out a sneeze that blows the camera through various landscapes, including a forest, outer space, a desert, a beach, and more. The video was seemingly meant to either signify that Will’s opinion has nothing to do with what his wife has been sharing or that he’s just minding his business. Fans online believe Will was making a reference to a scene in his 2004 film I, Robot where he faked a sneeze and said he’s “allergic to bullshit.”