Yung Miami Claps Back At Shade Over City Girls’ New Album Sales Projections 


Yung Miami is hitting back at her haters. 

The City Girls rapper took to Twitter Monday (October 23) to share a stunning selfie with her followers. While many fans praised her good looks and naturally pretty features in the replies, one troll decided to shade Yung Miami.  

“6-9k first week,” they wrote, referring to first-week sales projections for City Girls’ latest album, RAW. However, Yung Miami fired back with a jab of her own, flipping the criticism levied against her in the past.  

“That’s good for a b#### who voice y’all hate and can’t rap,” she replied. 

Earlier in the day, Yung Miami told her haters to “Keep my name out y’all mouth,” and warned she was keeping receipts.  

“All of a sudden everybody hate me, but I’m bookmarking everything,” she wrote. “I love to make a b#### eat they words!” 

City Girls’ new album RAW (an acronym for “Real Ass W#####”) is expected to move between 6K and 8K album-equivalent units in the first week, a drop from 2020’s City on Lock, which sold around 19k in the same period.  

In a recent interview, Yung Miami explained how she copes with the negative attention fame brings. 

“You just learn to deal with being a public figure. You know what comes with it as far as criticism, trending, people talking about you—it’s become natural,” Yung Miami told Elle. “It’s like an everyday part of your life. Everyday somebody’s gonna wake up and tweet about you; you’re a celebrity, you’re famous. It’s just one of those things, which is, if you get it, you get it. It don’t really faze us.”