21 Savage And Summer Walker Make An Anthem For All You Secret Lovers Out There


Everybody doesn’t have to know everything. That’s the message behind the sexy new collaborative slow jam between 21 Savage and Summer Walker, “Secret.” Playing the roles of two potentially star-crossed lovers, Savage and Walker explore the potentially dangerous consequences of taking their relationship public.


Built around an interpolation of “My Little Secret” by Xscape, Savage and Walker set up a world where furtive and knowing glances are exchanged at lockers as the two walk past each other on the way to class. This love that they have is delicate and must be protected as such.

Savage paints a detailed portrait of his girlfriend’s looks, work ethic, and what he wants to do for her to make her happy. But no one would understand why his love for her is so strong so he has to play it smooth. “Even if we do our thing/ The bond we got can’t be explained,” he raps.

Walker responds with a finger to pressed against Savage’s lips — he doesn’t have to explain anything. “You’re my little secret/ That’s how we should keep it,” she lovingly sings. With her own spectacular verse, she rubs his shoulders and lets him know that she understands his reasoning. “I’ve been here since day one, I know what’s going on/ You ain’t gotta try to tell me, I know my place.”

On the same page now, Savage takes the last verse to reflect on his memories of her helping him out with homework. Rapping directly to her, his eyes become hearts as he lets her know that he dreams of her. Shakespeare has nothing on Savage’s bars.

Savage and Walker previously both appeared on Jhené Aiko’s “Triggered (Freestyle) Remix)” that dropped last year. They’re two for two together now. It’s wishful thinking, but man, if they did an entire project together…..

Savage’s last full-length project was 2018’s I Am > I Was. Last year, he shared “Immortal” and teased a follow-up to Savage Mode with Metro Boomin.

Listen to “Secret” up above.