50 Cent Agreed To Sponsor A Girls Soccer Team In Wales “Without Hesitation,” Says Coach 


While 50 Cent is involved with a number of professional sports partnerships, with teams from some of the biggest sporting leagues in the world, he didn’t think twice about giving a helping hand when a Welsh under-14s girls soccer squad came calling.  

The players at AFC Rumney in Cardiff will walk out on the pitch this weekend in their new yellow G-Unit kit branded with the Hip-Hop mogul’s name.  

The sponsorship came about after one of the fathers on the team began working on Fiddy’s Final Lap tour. Not only did he agree to sponsor the girls, but he also showed a keen interest in the team.

Richie Brown, the team’s coach and father of two girls on the squad, said 50 Cent was enthusiastic about the deal.  

“Straight off, without hesitation, he agreed,” Brown explained to The Telegraph. “At first it was an unbelievable feeling. We were a bit cheeky and asked for more and he also sponsored our tracksuits. I’ve been involved in female football for 10 years, it’s really appreciated that it came around when we were in need of new stuff, we love his support for us.” 

The team hopes the new kit will boost the girls after losing the first three games of the season. 

“This could give us our confidence back,” Brown added. “We’ve sent a few photos over to him. 50 Cent actually showed an interest in who he was sponsoring, he wanted to know more about the team.” 

While 50 Cent hasn’t shown up to a match yet, he’s more than welcome if he visits Wales.  

“If he’s ever around Cardiff he should come along,” Coach Brown offered.