Cardi B Shuns Drama, Doesn’t Expect Collaborators To “Pick A Side” In Her Beefs 


Cardi B says artists who collaborate with her don’t have to worry about picking a side if they also work with her opps, as long as they keep it real with her.  

The “Bongos” hitmaker addressed the topic during a recent interview with the Spout Podcast. The episode aired last month, but a clip from the show went viral on Monday (October 9). 

According to Cardi B, business is the only priority concerning the artists she collaborates with.  

“If I like you, and I meet you, and we do a song, I don’t expect you to, like, pick a side or anything,” the NYC icon explained. “You could work with whoever you want to work with. Because at the end of the day, this is a business, and you gotta look out for yourself, always.” 

However, Cardi warned those acting “fake” with her will be held accountable.  

“Just don’t s### on me,” she added. “And don’t show me that you’re a fake b####. That’ll be breakin’ my heart. And when I see you, I’ma let you know. And when I have to express myself, I’ll express myself.” Check out the clip below and watch the interview at the end of the page.

Elsewhere during the interview, Cardi B revealed she’s using Beyoncé as the perfect example of how to handle haters.  

“Surprisingly, I have held myself back a lot … from a lot of things,” she stated. “You see how Beyoncé addresses her things — she does not address them at all.”

Nonetheless, last week, the Grammy Award-winning rapper warned her “haters” that she will drop years-old receipts and bring out “Belcalis the Demon,” to handle them if she has to.  

“I will bring this internet into f###### shambles b####,” she declared in an Instagram Live on October 3. “I been trying not to disappoint my fans because I been tryna be Cardi B the professional. But Belcalis the Demon, it be really close to come out. And I don’t want that because I don’t want to disappoint my fans.”