50 Cent Clowns Floyd Mayweather’s Jewelry With Mr. T Jab


50 Cent will always try to find a way to make fun of his celebrity peers, including former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. Earlier this week, the Queens rap legend decided to have some fun at the expense of Money Mayweather, who went viral for the jewelry he wore at a recent basketball game.

On Tuesday (March 1), 50 Cent took to his Twitter account to give his two cents on Floyd’s outfit. The undefeated boxer wore a simple black t-shirt and pants, but what really caught the eye were the several heavy cuban link chains hanging from his neck.

Being the jokester he is, 50 compared Mayweather to 1980s TV and wrestling icon Mr. T, who’s famous for wearing similar gold chains.

“Wait, Rocky got a new movie coming out? LOL,” 50 wrote in his tweet comparing a picture of Floyd’s outfit to two images of Mr. T, who played Clubber Lang in Rocky III.

50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather’s relationship has been interesting, to say the least. The two used to hang out regularly until friction led to 50 and Floyd to throwing shots at each other over the years. Not much has happened between them recently, but 50 always has a few jokes tucked in the chamber for his old buddy.

The Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ rapper wasn’t in much of a joking mood when he threatened to pull his Power Universe from the STARZ network earlier this week, though.

“This is me packing my stuff, STARZ,” 50 wrote on Instagram on Tuesday. “Sucks, my deal is up over here I’m out. They renewed High Town, and FORCE is the highest rated show they have sitting in limbo. If I told you how much dumb shit I deal with over here, you would think they all went to school on a small yellow bus.”