50 Cent Is Done ‘Carrying’ G-Unit, Says There Won’t Ever Be A Reunion Album


50 Cent has said he’s done “carrying” G-Unit and that it’s unlikely the Queens group will ever make another record together.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club on Friday (August 12), Fif was asked whether he would ever reunite with Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo for another project or work on a G-Unit documentary.

“I probably won’t do a project with them,” 50 answered. “I’m done with carrying them around. My back hurt.”

Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God then pointed out that 50 still tours with Yayo. The G-Unit mogul explained he doesn’t hold the same gripes with the Talk of New York as he does the rest of his former artists.

“[Yayo] is a different animal,” 50 Cent said. “If he does something wrong, I don’t care what magnitude of it is, he’ll go, ‘My bad.’ And he’ll go, ‘Aight.’ And we just keep going ’til the next time he does something wrong.”

He continued: “That is our relationship. Now, when you look at Banks, all these other guys, they came in by way of him and they have a different temperament. It’s not like, it’s not the same relationship. So, I don’t necessarily go back to carrying him. Yay is different.”

See 50’s comments about G-Unit around the 7:57 mark below:

G-Unit was a dominating force in rap in the early 2000s. After a string of mixtapes, the members of the group — 50 Cent, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and a then-incarcerated Tony Yayo — unleashed their debut album Beg For Mercy in November 2003, which went on to sell over four million copies.

After the release of 50’s game-changing debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, the group’s individual members released their own solo projects.

Banks put out the double platinum-selling The Hunger For More in 2004; Buck released his platinum debut Straight Outta Cashville the same year; and Yayo dropped his gold-selling album Thoughts of a Predicate Felon in 2005 after being released from prison.

But over the next several years, tensions within the group grew and would ultimately lead to their breakup.

50’s latest comments about The Unit come after recently claiming many of his former artists blame him all the time for their career failures.

Speaking to Houston’s 97.9 The Box, the Hip Hop mogul was asked whether there’s ever been anyone who spoke out against him but later did a u-turn and apologized for their actions.

“Yeah, I get that all the time,” 50 answered. “What’s ill is, when you’re in the seat, the driver’s seat, a lot of times, no, every time something goes wrong it’s your fault. If you ask artists why their career didn’t go the way they want, it’s the [fault of the] record label. See what I’m saying?

“I happened to become the record label; so all of those artists that were around and didn’t do exactly what they thought they were supposed to do, it’s my fault that it didn’t. They give it to me individually now, like it’s not the company, it’s him.”