50 Cent Is Reportedly A Suspect In Criminal Battery Case Following Mic-Throwing Incident


Radio personality Bryhana Monegain was attending the Los Angeles performance of 50 Cent’s Final Lap Tour at the Crypto.com arena earlier this week. Now, she’s reportedly suing the superstar for throwing a mic at her during the concert and hitting her.

According to TMZ, Monegain filed the report on Wednesday (August 30), alleging she was struck in the head. But unlike the incident with Cardi B, the Queens-bred rapper didn’t mean to hurt the lady.

When he went out to join YG on the stage, 50 Cent’s mic allegedly wasn’t working, so he asked for another one. When that one wasn’t working, he asked for one more. After a few mics, 50 Cent got frustrated and hurled the mic into the crowd.

Despite it being an accident, Monegain posted pictures of her injuries online. One image showed a gash in her forehead, but additional injuries haven’t been shared.

Consequently, the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ is a suspect in a criminal battery case.

In a report Mongain gave to police, she said 50 Cent looked directly at her right before throwing the mic. She believes 50 knew she was there when he hit her. No one from 50 Cent’s camp has spoken out.