6 Dogs’ Family Shares “Beach House” From the Upcoming RONALD

unnamed-1 6 Dogs' Family Shares "Beach House" From the Upcoming RONALD
Gone far too soon, Ronald Chase Amick made an enormous impact during his short time on Earth through his loving personality and the music he recorded as 6 Dogs. Today, 6 Dogs’ team shares Beach House,” the lead single from the tragically departed artist’s upcoming album RONALD. Animated by a simple urge to see the ocean and breathe its salty air, “Beach House” was recorded while Chase was cooped up in his house during the pandemic–anathema to someone who got so much energy from spending time in nature. Wielding an understated flow over rubbery bass, thumping 808s, and hypnotic synth arpeggios, Chase and guest rapper RIZ LA VIE, a rising indie artist and a close friend of Chase’s, express their sincere desire to gather with their friends in a big house beside the sea. “Beach House” was Chase’s favorite song from the project.

Originally titled Wavebuilder’s Club, Chase changed the title of the upcoming posthumous project to RONALD before he passed, hoping to signify a new beginning for the singer-rapper. Recorded and distributed completely independently (Chase owned his own masters), the album matches Chase’s original vision to a tee, and it remains unaltered since he finished the album and turned it into DSPs shortly before he passed away on January 26th.

Created in collaboration with executive producer and engineer Daniel HartzogRONALD transports Chase’s conversational melodies into a sparkling, atmospheric sonic realm. Almost entirely free from explicit lyrics, the album benefits from Chase’s innate instincts for hooks and his lyricism, which is alternately playful and profound. Chase hoped that RONALD would help his fans counter their negative thoughts with positive energy–to embrace their feelings, instead of succumbing to them, and to come out the other side happier.

A monument to the artist’s influence and singular point-of-view, the forthcoming RONALD album doesn’t wallow in tragedy or despair, but lights a path forward for those dealing with internal strife. Featuring guest appearances from Chase’s close friends RIZ LA VIE and Tahj KeetonRONALD arrives on March 12th.

In November of 2020, 6 Dogs and executive producer Daniel Hartzog sat down at the Airwaves Atlanta house to talk about the creative process behind RONALD. Watch the full conversation on YouTube: https://youtu.be/EEvNObIV7og

Watch “Beach House” ft. RIZ LA VIE: https://youtu.be/nZCm5OAn5AU

Buy/Stream “Beach House” ft. RIZ LA VIE: http://fanlink.to/beach_house

Buy/Stream “Starfire (Teen Titans)”: https://fanlink.to/starfire

A Statement From Chase’s Family & Team: