6ix9ine, Akademiks & Wack 100 Talk 'YAYA' Rapper's Potential Murder


Akademiks is gearing up to launch his Off The Record podcast with his first episode featuring explosive guests 6ix9ine and Wack 100.

Ak finally revealed the anticipated episode will drop on August 3 and he teased another clip on Thursday (July 29) of Wack speaking on the rainbow-haired rapper’s potential murder, but 6ix9ine being unfazed by the possibility.

“When I look into your eyes, let me tell you what I see,” Wack began. “I see a muthafucka that has totally dismissed and already played it out how you gon’ to go. I don’t think you scared to die. He’s not scared to die. He’s already embraced that.

“He already played it out how it’s gon happen if it happen. He not scared of that shit. He don’t got no fear how they gon’ to do it to him. He don’t care about that, he’s really got a point to prove.”

6ix9ine agreed with Wack 100’s sentiments and claims he only responds to the rappers that attack him first.

“That’s my point,” Tekashi concurred. “If you see it, I don’t play around and do shit. I only attack the people that’s coming for me. I fired security eight months ago. If I walk out of here and a n-gga come from behind me up the staircase, it was already how it was supposed to be.”

After requesting a sit-down with 6ix9ine earlier in July, Wack looks to have gotten his wish. Akademiks orchestrated the meeting as part of the launch of his new podcast and says to expect the episode to be over three hours long when it drops on August 3.

Watch an additional clip from the interview below.