6ix9ine Arrest Footage Shows Crowd Cheering As Rapper Hauled Off In Handcuffs 


A video has surfaced of 6ix9ine being hauled off by cops after the rapper was reportedly arrested for assault in the Dominican Republic. 

Local attorney Felix Portes took to Instagram Saturday (October 14), revealing that Dominican authorities are investigating the rainbow-haired rapper for a vicious attack. 6ix9ine was allegedly in an altercation with two local producers. The unidentified victims were treated in hospital for their injuries. 

Footage surfaced online on Sunday (October 16) showing law enforcement marching a handcuffed 6ix9ine out of a hotel.  Locals swarmed the building with their camera phones out, cheering as the controversial artist emerged from inside the building. Check out the video below.

According to Portes, 6ix9ine was attempting to leave the country via a private jet when he was detained. Authorities issued a warrant against the rapper for “blows and injuries, and threats.” 

The “Bori” rapper has had numerous run-ins with the law during his rap career. He cooperated with the authorities after being arrested in 2018 on RICO charges over his association with the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. He testified against the notorious street gang in court, leading to the conviction of several gang members. 

In August, he was taken to Palm Beach County Jail for failing to appear in court for three traffic tickets. However, he was released from custody roughly a few hours later, after posting a $2,000 bond. 

Meanwhile, back in March, 6ix9ine was beaten up by members of the Latin Kings at an LA Fitness in Southern Florida.