A Complete Timeline Of Drake And Charlamagne Tha God’s Ten-Year Feud


Date: July 2018

Days after the release of “Sandra’s Rose,” Charlamagne openly discussed his relationship with Drake on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. Cohen asked what happened between them after their 2016 truce, with Charlamagne responding, “I feel like me and Drake will always have a love/hate relationship. Like Skip Bayless and LeBron James. Even though he is great, I will never have anything too good to say about him.”

Charlamagne disses “Toosie Slide” 

Date: April 2020

Upon the release of Drake’s widely known TikTok jam, “Toosie Slide,” Charlamagne had a few words to say. In an episode of his podcast Brilliant Idiots, he stated, “I think that when you’re the biggest artist in the world, when you’re the biggest rapper in the world, I don’t like to see you chasing trends. It’s like, why be a surfer when you’re a fucking wave? I just didn’t respect it.”

He clarified that most of the time TikTok songs blow up organically, saying, “It’s a song people like, and somebody does something to it, and it goes.” But for him, “Toosie Slide” felt “too forced,” “too corporate,” and “too industry,” per Complex

The radio host says the “Drake Era” is over 

Date: December 2020

In another episode of Brilliant Idiots, the question as to whether or not music’s still in a Drake era was raised, with Charlamagne citing that although it still may feel like it because of the radio—the Drake era’s actually been over for years. 

“Radio, they haven’t caught up to what’s actually going on in the streets yet,” he said. “They haven’t changed the temperature. So it still feels like we’re in a ‘Drake era’ — I don’t think we’ve been in the ‘Drake era’ for the last two or three years.”

Charlamagne jokes that Drizzy rigged the Billboard Hot 100

Date: March 2021

On The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne jokingly said that Drake “cheated” when three of the rapper’s songs debuted at the top of Billboard’s Hot 100. “Don’t let the heart cut in the head fool you. Aubrey Graham is a demon who doesn’t play fair. He cheated. I can’t prove it. This might be pure hate. … I’m not standing on nothing with this. I just think he cheated,” he stated, per Revolt

Charlamagne critiques Drake’s Honestly, Nevermind album, calling it “elevator music”