A New Artist is Emerging With A New Sound; Meet Big Kulu


If you love AfroBeats, you’ll definitely love a new sound emerging from Buffalo, NY coined as AfroStates by an up-and-coming artist by the name of Big Kulu. With his familial roots being in Cameroon and being born and raised in the States, Big Kulu aims to use his music to bridge the generational gaps in his home country. He seamlessly fuses the sounds of his Cameroonian heritage that he heard his family playing in their home growing up, while also being simultaneously influenced by the traditional rap he was introduced to outside of his home.

Being born and raised in the states with his close-nit Cameroonian family allowed him to have a unique perspective on what it means to stay true to your roots while also being influenced by your surroundings and he married to the two perspectives seamlessly in his music. His father specifically instilled family, food and faith into Big Kulu and threw lavish parties for their family and friends to celebrate their rich culture. But also being raised in Buffalo, NY, one of the top poverty stricken cities in the US, a life of crime and drug dealing didn’t fall far behind. Even when falling into the streets, he still kept his faith and music at his center and has now been in the music game helping to cultivate and manage other artists while working on his own craft as well.

After making it out the streets and focusing on his faith to help center his life, Big Kulu is back on the music scene bringing a whole new sound that’s been missing! His hit debut single “I Wanna Know” is setting the the vibes for the summer; to dance, party and keep great company. “I Wanna Know” is a prelude to his forthcoming EP this Fall so Big Kulu is definitely here to stay.

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