A peek into Direcani and his music on the journey to legend


It’s no doubt that the fast-rising, up-and-coming figure who has been overtime making outstandingly unique productions over half a decade (as of the time of this writing) not leaving out his most-times loved debut “Polarizer” which was recorded and released at the young kick phase of his artistry career which led a great deal of prominence for the focused and energetic figure as believed by fans who have encountered the prodigy Direcani would say.

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The Benue trap hip-hop youngling singer propelling the game recently released a collaboration titled “Savage” without a teaser or premiere on 16th December and once again served the audience a hit. The most all-out vibedSaarland’s trap hip-hop artist Savagedshii of “Dshild Music Squad 11” Germany and the record producer/artist Direcani teamed up for an outstanding combination on the project, created from a perception of penance towards mortal imperfections in a world deemed ‘everyone is born non righteous and equal’, the sound “Savage” came from artist and producer as a total acceptance the imperfect human nature and despite one’s flaws, encouraging an aim at achieving good regardless and a motivation of creating positive impact to oneself, lives, family or families with positive focused good intents, expressing an immersed interest for working through all occurring difficulties and challenging situations of life’s journey by remaining strong and persistence otherwise “Savage” as heard in the song without regrets of the decision of staying strong in the strive of making ends meet which can be seen from the perspective of an optimistic popular saying “if life gives you Lime, squeeze it into its eyes”.

image2 A peek into Direcani and his music on the journey to legend

Photo of Savagedshii

Shortly after December’s release “Savage”, Direcani sets out a new title “Chill P!ll” an Afro/hip-hop chill-themed song expressing gratefulness to life and everyone that he has ever come in contact with in his life whether infrequent relationships according to world situations or frequent relationships. The true goals of every single person vary and when strived to achieve, set more contact limitations and challenges as both or more parties get to thrive into various realities of meeting independent goals. In the track, Direcani tries to communicate and appreciate friends, families, and supporters for being a blessing in disguise which clearly expresses his respect towards everyone’s obligations that comes with being themselves, their dreams, careers, and destiny finding peace with a wish “everyone growing through life may gain more strength and experience loving spirits” as we can hear him say to the audience “Good Vibrations all year”, “Beautiful people and faces” and “Beautiful Energies blazing up, forever and ever keep shining”. The intriguing Alternative Afrobeats R&B Hip-hop sound was solely written and produced by John Cyrus .T. Gbagir professionally known as Direcani, with composition contribution from Ureal Kate with a blend of an underplayed Afrobeats with a stylish R&B / Hip-Hop chilly exciting top progression which creates a feeling of optimism and enthusiasm filled with positivity. Furthermore, the song Chill P!ll was released on the 1st, of January 2023.

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