A Year Of Heartbreak: Every Major Celebrity Breakup In 2023


It’s difficult to keep a marriage together, even under the best of circumstances. Adding cameras, the court of public opinion, and media speculation to that tenuous dynamic certainly doesn’t help things. 

It’s why celebrities like Zendaya insist on a firm divide between their professional and personal lives. It’s why so many celebrities have hostile interactions with the paparazzi. They’re understandably protective of what little personal space they can carve out for themselves amidst the madness.

The public is nosy about the highs and lows of celebrity idols. And just as there are few higher “highs” than finding love, there are few lower “lows” than losing it. Whose fault was it? How will they divide their possessions? How will they split child custody? Is there hope for reconciliation? And if not, is there any hope for a public meltdown?

Here’s every major celebrity breakup, divorce, and separation in 2023. We’ll update this list—hopefully not too often—over the next several months.

Bam Margera and Nicole Boyd