Academy Accused Of Lying About Asking Will Smith To Leave As Oscars Slap Racks Up 66 FCC Complaints


Will Smith’s assault on Chris Rock at the 94th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday (March 27) continues to be a popular topic of discussion. As the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences continues its investigation into the “slap heard around the world,” several witnesses have come forward claiming Smith was never asked to leave — despite reports suggesting otherwise. 

According to TMZ, sources say Smith was told by the producer of the show he could stay despite the blatant violation of the Academy’s code of conduct. Three sources who were reportedly at the Dolby Theater that night said Academy officials were backstage with Smith’s reps and there were heated conversations about what they’d just witnessed. Officials were split on the decision — some wanted him booted while others thought he should stay. Either way, they were never able to reach an agreement.

Oscars producer Will Packer supposedly told Smith, “We do not want you to leave” roughly 35 minutes after the slap took place. The confrontation was enough to rack up 66 complaints with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from people who claimed the show was too “violent.”

As one complaint read, “The level of violence from one black man inflicted onto another over something he didn’t like hearing is intolerable!! Are you tolerating this??? Thought black lives mattered?? Obviously not!! Is that your message???? Smith should be fined & suspended!!!!”

Another viewer from Texas added, “Obviously, the Oscar’s crossed a line last night. I should not have to worry about what my CHILDREN are going to hear during the Oscar’s presentation. Not delaying the broadcast for whatever reason was a FAILURE on your part. There needs to be fines and people need to be fired over this. Have we not learned anything in the decades since the Super Bowl debacle? Overall, you have a simple job. Do it!”

Although Smith was allowed to collect his Oscar in the Best Actor in a Leading Role category following the incident, there’s a possibility it could be stripped from him.