Adam Banx Drops New Single “Let Me Know”


Adam Banx is the new kid on the block but his roots in the music game spans for almost a decade. After working with over a  hundred artists, Banx decided to take the lead with his solo career. Releasing the single, “Let Me Know” Friday April 21st was a power move for his first launch.

Banx has poured a lot of love into this project. Like other artists, he has seen a lot  and has channeled all of those experiences into his music. Label Owner Obi Ntukogu, of Hark Music/Walk on Water and his partner, Matthew Burke, took a chance on an artist straight out of Salt Lake City, Utah and they never looked back. Both stated, “We are excited and we feel that we have a winner on our team.”

The single, “Let Me Know” is available on all music platforms. Follow him on all social media platforms @Adam_Banx This is his time. Let him live.

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