Akademiks Vs. Kollege Kidd: ‘Your Brother Didn’t Die Of COVID, He Overdosed On Hate’


Co-founder of popular blog Kollege Kid, Raysean Autry, passed away in December 2021 after losing his battle with COVID-19. In an interview with The Sun, his brother PJ Taylor revealed Autry died from pneumonia induced by the virus.

“He had been hospitalized for at least a couple of weeks in Toledo, Ohio,” Taylor explained at the time. “He was 34 years old. We were blindsided by his death. We couldn’t even celebrate the holidays. His brother Rich is still in the hospital. They were on the same floor.”

Despite Autry’s death, DJ Akademiks evidently still has a bone to pick with the late media personality and his brother. In a Twitch video uploaded to YouTube, the garrulous 32-year-old claimed the co-founders of Kollege Kidd had been harassing him for years.

“Kollege Kidd, one of y’all already, out of here,” he said. “I’m telling you right now, you see where your brother has went to, that’s the only place you’re going to go to if you’re overdosing on hate. Your brother didn’t die of COVID. He overdosed on hate. That’s a fact. I know this. Go check with all the medical examiners.

Cause of death – overdosed on hate. I was willing to let it go. I got my little joint off. Y’all was going at me for years. Y’all tried to stop by business. Y’all tried to snitch on me. You tried to do everything. Couldn’t stop me. I was willing to let it go. Y’all caught COVID. I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.”

Akademiks also revealed he was sent hundreds of photos of Autry laying in his casket.

“One of these guys is in the dirt,” he said. “That’s fact. Raysean Autry … he died. He died after overdosing on hate. That’s it. I’m sorry to say. The n-gga, instead of going to doctor’s appointments … his last moments in life was sending out tweets hating on Akademiks. I’m sorry to tell y’all that. The last five breaths he took, I was on his mind. It’s very unfortunate. I gotta keep it 100 with y’all. Go look at his tweet. His last tweet, it say, ‘Fuck you Ak.’

“It’s like the Grim Reaper is knocking at his door and he’s like, ‘Nah, hold up, let me get this off. Fuck you Ak!’ The Grim Reaper kicked that shit down and say, ‘Come on. You going with us.’ The last thing! The legacy of Kollege Kidd is nothing but a bunch of losers trying to hate on Akademiks.”

Akademiks went on to say Autry tried to spread a rumor he was a pedophile, among many other allegations. He then said someone went to Autry’s funeral and took hundreds of photos that are currently in his possession but haven’t been released to the public, which he says proves “how not petty” he is.

He added, “He had a whole photo shoot at the dude’s funeral, sends it to me and is like, ‘Yo, Ak.’ And I’m like, ‘No. This is a sacred moment. Let’s not do it.’ The other buffoon got out of the hospital and rather than take heed, you know what he’s back to doing? Hating on Ak. I couldn’t believe this shit.”

For another 10 minutes straight, Akademiks continued to rip apart the surviving brother while lifting himself up to absurd levels. He also demanded a retraction for ever calling Akademiks a “pedophile” while floating the possibility of taking legal action. Watch the full video above and check out Rich Autry’s allegations below.