Albert Hughes Talks John Wick, Tupac, and Making ‘The Continental’


AH: The number one rule is to use [the John Wick] stunt team and their company called 87eleven. They workshop and create [a fight scene] based off of the environment they’re given. They’ll use the tools at hand; if there’s a TV nearby, they’ll use the TV. They’re really great at it. 

So that’s rule number one. And two, three, four, and five is cool, cool, cool.

Are there any plans for a Season 2 of The Continental

AH: There’s always the business side of it and the creative side of it. I would love to play in that world again, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen. I would love to see the John Wick world continue with Keanu included.

But particularly, I really want to see someone do something with the Adjudicator because that’s my favorite character. 

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Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever watched a movie with?

AH: My brother and I did [Tupac’s] first three music videos. And we took him to see Juice for the first time on the Paramount lot in a small private screening of, like, five people.

He’s in between me and my brother, [who are] watching Juice for the first time, as he’s watching Juice for the first time. It blew his mind to see his image up there. It kind of changed his persona; it’s like he knew what to do with his persona in hip-hop based on that movie. That [same] night we went back, and we were all staying in West Hollywood at this shitty hotel, and he knocked on our door and his head was shaved for the first time. 

That was the first time we saw the Tupac image happening. It was like that night he saw his movie, he shaved his head, and then we moved on to make two more music videos, and then Thug Life shortly happened six months to a year after that.