Are The “Fortnite” Leaks Featuring In-Game Content With Eminem Real?


Eminem is apparently the next rapper to make it into the Fortnite universe following the integration of in-game content spotlighting artists such as Travis Scott.

According to social media posts that began trending on Tuesday (November 21), Slim Shady’s likeness will appear across several different content initiatives that will be revealed in the new “Big Bang” event.

Reports suggests that in addition to the “Marshall Never More” skins modeled after Eminem’s likeness, there will also allegedly be a ”Marshall Magma” variant apart of the iconic series that will a limited time exclusive available for a short period of time. The “Big Bang” event rumored to unveil the exclusive content will reportedly take place on December 2.

Along with fans clamoring about the possible news of Eminem arriving in the world of Fortnite, Twitter users appeared to troll the obvious clash in age groups represented by both the Detroit rapper’s fanbase and the game’s diehard, youthful core audience.

“Fortnite Eminem concert on my birthday,” one user remarked.

Another user pointed out the fact that Eminem may not actually be as inept about the game as most people would think, considering he recently dropped bars about Fortnite.

Check out the post, which also features the alleged leaked content below.