Are We Seeing The End Of O-Block? Let The Snitching Begin In The FBG Duck Trial!


Yo! We’ve got some wild updates on the FBG Duck case, and trust me, this is the kind of stuff you don’t want to miss. I know most people are not going to read this, but it warrants it! So, listen up because I am diving deep into courtroom drama mixed with some street stuff.

First off, there’s this whole thing about OTF Muwop, one of the alleged killers of FBG Duck. The Feds were all about placing Muwop at this car dealership where a car used in the murder was returned. But here’s the twist – the car salesman who was there didn’t even see Muwop. The plot thickens, right?

Now, about the car used in Duck’s murder. It’s all tangled up with this dude named Los, who’s also wrapped up in this case. Los bought the car from this dealership, but after Duck’s death, he knew he had to return it because it was caught on camera during the crime. The car salesman said that Los was planning to return the car anyway, even before Duck’s death. What a coincidence!

This car salesman gets on the stand, and tells it all. He sold the car to Los, but later found out there was some shady stuff with Los’s application – wrong job info and all that sort of stuff. The dealership calls Los, asking him to return the car. Just like but, but we already know that is no how it goes down. Los reportedly said he’s not just gonna hand it over. He said had put money into that car, tinted the windows and other enhancements. So, he strikes a deal – he’ll return it if he gets his money back for the tints and his deposit.

On the day Duck died, Los reportedly returns the car. The salesman said he remembers seeing Los’s baby mama in the car that picked up Los, but insists he didn’t see Muwop (the alleged killer of Duck). The Feds say they got footage of Muwop at the dealership, but if the salesman didn’t see him, what does that mean for the video evidence? Are they just seeing shadows?

The courtroom drama doesn’t stop there. Los’s baby mama was supposed to testify, but there was a whole commotion about whether she should be allowed on the stand. The defense was trying to block her, saying she’s a key witness and shouldn’t have been in the courtroom hearing all the case details.

Meanwhile, FBG Butta, another key figure in the case, already took the stand. The street say he is snitching. I guess this really is not new. But, he stuck to his story, not backing down from his earlier statements.

FBG Butta’s revelations in court have raised eyebrows, with some wondering if his testimony borders on snitching. He’s been providing detailed information on the perpetrators behind multiple murders, a move that has significant implications for those involved.

One of the most notable aspects of this trial is the frequent mention of rapper Lil Durk. Despite his name coming up multiple times, Durk’s lack of direct ties to O Block seems to be his saving grace, keeping him clear of any legal repercussions in this case. This trial could mark a pivotal moment in the city’s fight against organized crime. I don’t know. And then there is the rumor that Von, put the money up to take out Duck. But, Von is dead. The plot thickens. There’s plenty tension among the players, and it’s all playing out in the courtroom now.

Another thing. I am hearing some of the bloggers is got kicked out of the courtroom. Now, I can’t confirm all of that, but it makes sense. They are not typically journalists.

So, that’s the latest from the FBG Duck case – a mix of mystery, confusion, and courtroom drama. Hit that subscribe button and stay tuned for more updates, ’cause this story is far from over.